April 9, 2009

My 30th!!!

What a great night!! My bff's and Chad threw me a fun fun fun 30th birthday!! We went to our hotel relaxed a little then got ready for dinner at Mi Cocina. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and went to the lounge area where a band and Dj played all night. I got 2 candles, a totla of 4 Lolita glasses (I collect them) and Chad got me a new car :) Well I wrecked mine so technically I wouldnt had gotten one if it wasnt wrecked. Oh yes and the sweetest gift of all, Chad wrote me a letter with the 30 things he loves about me...I feel a tear coming on. I called it a night about 12:00 and went to bed, I slept so good! What a great bithday party! 30 isnt all that bad?! It gets better and better each year!

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Paige said...

Happy birthday!! I hope I get to see you at Jackson's party!!

Jen said...

30 is not AT ALL bad! And yes it does get better!