March 27, 2009

Greatest DVD ever!

As most of your know Chloe does not like to watch TV that much, just not interested and never has been. Which really it's not that bad of a thing, except the 15 minutes I would like to pick up the house daily, however I have gotten pretty fast at one handed cleaning :) For her birthday she received a DVD, baby genious Nursery Rhymes and she LOVES it. She stares at it and dances the entire 25 minutes and gets so excited over it...and i get my house clean and straightened in a matter of minutes! I have ordered her a chair from Pottery Barn (thanks Cindi for the post about the chair, im getting the pink polka dot one)for her to sit in and watch her movie (of course when she is taking a break from dancing) LOVE IT!

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Stacy said...

Hey Hollie,
My girls love all the Baby Praise videos. They mesmerize them! You can get them at any christian book store. Wal Mart used to sell them,but I don't think anymore. It's the ONLY thing Aubrey likes to watch. Alyssa and Kyle always loved them too! Alyssa knows all the words to all the songs. They are really awesome! Aubs gets so excited when I put it in! It's the only time she sits still.